Our Team



Nathan Brown

 Director of AIKARO solutions & International Facilitator 

A former pro- sporting athlete, Nathan was a 4 x New Zealand Kick Boxing Champion and has a 3rd Degree Dan Black Belt in Karate; this started his journey as an all-round  group training fitness coach and facilitator.

Nathan was part of the start up team for Fitness First Middle East in 2006 and held the position of Leadership Manager and Master Trainer for 12 years.

As one of the most influential contemporary health and fitness leaders, Nathan is a trained AIE facilitation educator who has coached over 4,000 instructors across the globe. He was the original pioneer who introduced Les Mills to the Middle East in 1998  and was also a former Master Trainer for the world renowned group fitness phenomenon.

Nathan is the founder and creator of TOA (The Outdoor Athlete) which is a holistic movement program and JUNGLE, an outdoor and indoor group training concept. He is also a dedicated wellness and health coach and believes our life journey starts with sound parental guidance.

His mantra is simple: Eat nutritious food with real value, move your body more than you sit, create happiness for yourself by doing things you love.


Fiona Brown

Director of AIKARO solutions & International Facilitator 

Fiona hails from Scotland and moved to the Middle East in 2005 originally as a primary school teacher where she studied at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. 

Fiona has a wide variety of coaching experience from teaching children in schools to facilitating adults on vocational courses. She is a trained AIE (Adult in Education) facilitator and also a A.I (Advanced Instructor) qualified Horse Riding instructor and was a seasoned 3 day event and show jumping competitor.

She has spent the past 15 years in the Fitness Industry and held numerous managerial positions as head coach for an all exclusive females cross fit studio and was voted Group Fitness Manager of the year in 2006 for Fitness First Middle East.

Fiona is the current REPs fittest female athlete in Dubai and competes in Ironman and Triathlon races around the world.

This experience led her into the world of wellness coaching where she assists people to get more from their work/life by showing them the value of living a healthy lifestyle and equipping them with the skills, attitudes and mobility to increase confidence, self-image and productivity.